Firm’s Approach to Conflicts of Interest

As our firm is growing larger and the number of our clients is increasing, we are occasionally asked by clients to provide legal services for matters involving an interest that conflicts (or potentially conflicts) with the interest of another client.

In accordance with the Attorney Act and the Basic Rules on the Duties of Practicing Attorneys established by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, we have established our internal rules and secured information management system. Before officially accepting a matter, we perform a conflict check to determine whether any conflict of interest exists. When accepting a matter where a potential conflict of interest exists, we ensure to maintain fairness in the performance of our duties by taking measures such as clearly separating the attorneys in charge of the matter from the attorneys in charge of the other potentially conflicting matters and establishing an information barrier between the attorneys handling the potentially conflicting matters.

For further details, please contact us or the attorney handling your matter.

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